About us

Talentpraxis Group Ltd is a firm of chartered occupational psychologists specialising in the global assessment of an organisations greatest asset – its people.

We specialise in the global assessment of an organisations greatest asset – its people, using psychometric testing.

We help our clients assess their people, whether that be for recruitment, development, coaching or some other purpose using the SOVA assessment suite.

We are a SOVA Assessment Global Partner and provide access and a free trial to their innovative suite of assessments, which include motivation, personality and ability.

Benefits to you

SOVA Assessments – say goodbye to set-up costs and license fees.
Add objectivity to your current recruitment process with personality assessments.
Reduce your recruitment spend – no upfront costs, no minimum usage or contacts – a simple ‘pay after you have used’ service.
The average cost of a bad hire is circa 150% of salary – how are you reducing your recruitment risks?
Identify high potential earlier in the recruitment process.
If you are currently or considering using personality assessments, take advantage of our free trial – simply click the banner below – what do you have to lose?
Tired of paying upfront for your assessments? If so, and after a free trial, we offer retrospective billing.
Hire smarter and more efficiently with industry recognised and award winning personality, motivation, and adaptive ability testing from SOVA Assessments.
Talentpraxis Group are a Global Accredited SOVA Assessments Partner.