Help develop and support your people

Coaching can further business performance without which no business can succeed

Cost effective, time efficient, coaching online, face to face and phone based

Redefine and develop the understanding of a coaching culture

Support high potential and develop high performance within your organisation


Drives behavioural growth in coachees and ultimately change in organisations


Understand that coaching can unlock will, intention and responsibility in individuals

Seek options and then define the reality of implementing them to develop individuals and organisation

Coaching is not teaching but creates the conditions for learning and growing individuals

Coaching is the development of a person centered approach that allows individuals to focus and develop areas of interest for themselves. Coaching has a level of psychological depth that together with the wide potential of psychometric testing, allows for a deeper level of understanding.

Coaching has the almost unique ability to allow individual coachees to unwrap for themselves, challenges or issues that many have often been trying to find answers to, for many weeks and months. The relationship between coach and Coachee forms the heart of this meeting.

Coaching develops a number of underlying psychological areas such as education, management of the individual, motivation, emotional and general intelligence and reflective thinking. The psychology involved touches on cognitive, humanistic, behavioural and transpersonal areas, so a deeper understanding of psychology gained by long time qualified practitioners is vital.

As Chartered Organisational Psychologists, Talentpraxis Group has a number of specialist, qualified coaches who have worked at a senior level with a wide range of organisations for many years, including the NHS and Education. All coaches have coaching qualifications together with significant experience both in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Coaching is available via face to face meetings, phone conversations, Skype or Zoom tele conference as all can play part in developing and sustaining the coaching relationship. Coaching can also be provided during the evenings and weekends to suit Client’s needs

What we do

We’re focused on enabling transformations through organisation and people solutions, powered by analytics and insight to drive sustainable change. Our services include strategy formulation, organisation design, talent, leadership, change management, employee engagement and culture change. We use innovative tools that we adapt to meet the needs of every client’s unique situation. We work with our clients on both short and longer terms assignments and offer interim management services to support larger projects. Below follows a description of our capabilities and the services we provide.

No more lengthy contracts to sign – forever! Our Outsourced Assessment Service is totally flexible – you can use our Assessment Services on an individual or all short-listed candidate basis or much more widely to underpin all of your assessment requirements.

Our model removes from our clients the need to commit internal resources in the deployment, interpretation, report writing and associated feedbacks for psychometric and ability testing.


Our clients have immediate access to highly experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologists who have worked with and alongside some of the Industry leaders in psychometric test development and interpretation.

Removing the need to have expensive internal resources directly involved in the assessment process, thereby saving our clients time, money and resources which could be more effectively deployed elsewhere.

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