Translate strategic goals into operating models

Translate strategic goals into overall talent strategy

Identify and grow the leadership required to drive and deliver organisational strategy

Identify, assess and redefine organisational capabilities

Identify high potentials including delivery of assessment and development centres


Behavioural and cultural change


Develop the detailed design of organisation structure, roles and responsibilities

Realign recruitment, selection and assessment to gain superior market advantage

Change strategy, including business impact analysis

Transformation is hard, whether it is at an individual, team or organisational level.  Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Clarity, commitment, capability and alignment to overall outcomes are the prerequisites to success.

That’s where we can help.  When you want to change your organisation for the better, we know from 25 years of experience gained in some of the world’s largest brands, what works, and more importantly where the pitfalls are. That makes us a bit different. Talentpraxis Group brings a unique insight into how you can dramatically improve performance across your whole business as we just don’t offer ‘advice’ you already know or apply an overly theoretical perspective to deliver your outcomes.  What we do is governed by what you want to achieve, and we go beyond ‘off-the shelf’, communicating with you in a language you will understand and appreciate. We stand by our values of making the complex accessible, providing practical insights and expertise on how to transform your business and people.

What we do

We’re focused on enabling transformations through organisation and people solutions, powered by analytics and insight to drive sustainable change. Our services include strategy formulation, organisation design, talent, leadership, change management, employee engagement and culture change. We use innovative tools that we adapt to meet the needs of every client’s unique situation. We work with our clients on both short and longer terms assignments and offer interim management services to support larger projects. Below follows a description of our capabilities and the services we provide.

No more lengthy contracts to sign – forever! Our Outsourced Assessment Service is totally flexible – you can use our Assessment Services on an individual or all short-listed candidate basis or much more widely to underpin all of your assessment requirements.

Our model removes from our clients the need to commit internal resources in the deployment, interpretation, report writing and associated feedbacks for psychometric and ability testing.


Our clients have immediate access to highly experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologists who have worked with and alongside some of the Industry leaders in psychometric test development and interpretation.

Removing the need to have expensive internal resources directly involved in the assessment process, thereby saving our clients time, money and resources which could be more effectively deployed elsewhere.

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