Tick-Client specific, fully developed and personalised workshop training

Bespoke organisational training developed with your input

Cost-no upfront, no hidden add on’s, fully inclusive day rates

Free-additional contact prior to training delivery

Flexible-training when you need it and how you need it


Simple-no death by PowerPoint-inactive, fun, engaging delivery


Timings-flexible timings to suit organisational working times

Detailed-delivery to reflect current and future needs

Support-prior to and after training development support


Change is now!

Organisations realise that change is a full time and constant threat to every part of their business. However, it’s often difficult to describe, detail, plan for and action, workplace changes that have an effect, either short or long term. By working with organisations, spending time understanding the organisation, its strategy, its marketplace and its people, we can design and deliver targeted training to help move people forward. Each of our training days is designed to make people think about what they do, how they do it and the need to be more efficient and effective.

We can help!

We have experienced trainers and Chartered Occupational Psychologists who have worked across many sectors and organisations, in the UK, Europe and Asia. They bring a fully rounded viewpoint to the training. The design and development of training is done in conjunction with your teams, so that the final training workshop explains the current situation and describes and details a future scenario. You can call the training off over weeks/ months/ quarters, so that its most effective and supportive for your organisation.

No more lengthy contracts to sign – forever! Our Outsourced Assessment Service is totally flexible – you can use our Assessment Services on an individual or all short-listed candidate basis or much more widely to underpin all of your assessment requirements.

Our model removes from our clients the need to commit internal resources in the deployment, interpretation, report writing and associated feedbacks for psychometric and ability testing.


Our clients have immediate access to highly experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologists who have worked with and alongside some of the Industry leaders in psychometric test development and interpretation.

Removing the need to have expensive internal resources directly involved in the assessment process, thereby saving our clients time, money and resources which could be more effectively deployed elsewhere.

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