How You Can Use Profiling and Assessments for New Ideas, Change and Innovation in Your Organisation

Successful business relies on results.

And results are generated by people and processes.

Effective hiring in 2021 ensures that a given candidate’s personality traits, behaviours styles and motivation are a good fit for the organisation.

Increasingly, forward-thinking businesses are reaping the benefits of using personality profiling and assessments for hiring mid- to senior-level leaders.

Personality profiling allows organisations to hire with confidence the mid- to senior-level leaders who embody the soft-skills and emotional intelligence that make the difference in a rapidly shifting business market.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact upon business. A recent report by the Bank of England Decision Making Panel shows a 30% reduction in UK business sales due to COVID-19.

Such a climate means a fear-based, hierarchical and conformity focused approach to leadership is no longer fit for purpose in this present climate.

Employees may already be struggling with anxieties around childcare, job security and health.

Mid- to senior-level leaders now need to demonstrate authentic empathy, to build trust and reduce the distance between themselves and employees if they are to facilitate their employees towards success in this uncertain market.

Personality profiling and assessment allow organisations to objectively identify those candidates who will listen effectively to employees.

As a result, an organisation benefits from the perspective offered from those on the coalface, so that new ideas, change and innovation can be implemented.

And it’s not just COVID-19 that requires mid- to senior-level leaders to have the emotional intelligence, agility, behaviour styles and motivation that will support organisations to thrive in these challenging times.

The impact of BREXIT upon UK business, and the changing profile of the workforce as Millennials influence industry culture both mean mid- to senior-level leaders require far more than effective hard skills to facilitate their employees to success.

Personality profiling and assessment for leaders offers large potential gain for a small investment.

A wise choice for businesses who want to avoid wasting money on mis-hires and instead target resources into securing better team fit and cultural fit through the recruitment process.

Effective personality profiling and assessment within recruitment also helps to improve take up rates of employment offers and to reduce staff turnover.

Ensuring you secure the best candidate with the required soft skills profile for mid- to senior-level leaders is a smart move in these uncertain times.

So, in a rapidly changing business climate, it makes sense to ensure your business is capable of innovation, agility and flexibility.

That starts with targeted, objective and effective recruitment of the best people who can best demonstrate these strengths in their leadership and management of employees.

Will you be using personality profiling and assessments in your hiring processes through 2021?

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